‘WHAT IS SQUAD?’ – you ask.

Squad is not tennis coaching. It is a format that develops a child’s other skills on the tennis court such as fitness, tactics and ‘plays’ on the court and another opportunity to practice those skills already learnt or developing.

This is also a great way to inexpensively get another hit, another practice – but with plenty of helpful advice to go with it.

UC Tennis Club hosts the DVTA Tennis Squad. The Squad runs on a Thursday evening from 4pm to 7pm hosted by David Wildsmith. Different levels come together for an hour each session and it runs for 8 weeks of each term.

Squad is a fun environment and has been run at UC Club for many years. You certainly do not have to be a member of UC to be a part of the DVTA Squad. We welcome you enquiries. (David Wildsmith Ph 0412 272678)