Our competitions are diverse and inclusive of all standards from beginners to a high club level.

They include Men’s and Women’s doubles and mixed and Junior doubles, singles and mixed.

If you are interested in finding out any more about our Competitions, see Junior and Senior comps here or you are welcome to call our Membership secretary or President (See contact list)

Our current list of competitions is as follows:



DVTA Mixed Competition

Starting at 7.30pm
3 sets played each player


DVTA Men’s Competition

Starting at 7.30pm
3 sets played each player


DVTA Men’s Competition

Starting at 7.30pm


NENTG Women’s Competition

Starting at 7pm


DVTA Men’s Competition

Starting at 7.30pm


DVTA Junior competition

Starting at 6pm
(See Juniors)



‘In house’ Women’s Competitions

See Social Competitions for more details


HDTA & MEMRLTA Women’s Competitions


DVTA Women’s Competition


Junior Competitions (See Juniors)

Junior Competitions

Junior Competitions cater for juniors up to the age of 18 years. (Depending on which competition they are playing)

UC Tennis Club, Diamond Creek, is involved in Competitions on Friday evening with the Diamond Valley Tennis Association  (DVTA) and Saturday morning with both DVTA and North Eastern Junior Tennis Association (NEJTA).

Friday is a Singles competition beginning at 6pm. The teams are combined of both girls and boys and they can and do play against each other. It is a very strong competition and really enjoyed by those that play and spectate.

Saturday morning sees us host Juniors over two competitions.

DVTA is a mixed doubles competition. This is a great introductory competition and takes them through to high level. It is really great seeing our children on and off the court, playing against each other and socialising and making friends for life.

NEJTA is a combination of doubles and singles and the teams consist of either boys or girls.

The teams are selected  and co-ordinated by our Junior Committee each season (Seasons are 6 monthly and cover School Terms 1 & 2 – Autumn Season, and Terms 3 & 4 – Spring Season.) Our Junior committee is currently headed by David Wildsmith.  You may contact David directly if you wish ask about Junior tennis.

Tuesday Afternoon Junior “Beginner” Competition.

Are you fairly new to Tennis? Can you hit a few balls over the net, starting to serve balls over the net??? – we’d love to hear from you.

This competition runs from 4.30 to 6 pm and is expanding in Term 4 2021 and will run throughout 2022.

Even if you already belong to another club, you are able to join in.

Sign up today by calling UC’s Club Coach – David Wildsmith on 0412 272678.

You may also want to ask David about future coaching.

Senior competitions

Competitions are played for all the reasons we love tennis – purely for thrill of playing, playing well, winning, losing but giving it your ‘all’, fun, exercise and fitness, pitting your wits against the opposition, improving your game, socialising, meeting new people, and so much more.

We have competitions running Monday through to Thursday night and Monday through to Saturday during the day.

We’re sure there is an option to suit you.